Music + Words= Yuki

Yuki Ishiwata

Born and Raised in Yokosuka, Japan.


Aa a young girl, Yuki had been always a bookworm you would find in a corner of  library.

Discovering her love for music and singing when she was a teenager,

Yuki has been singing since then.


NY, Yuki, and Cuties.

After graduating from  Queens College, CUNY, Yuki formed a band “Yuki and Cuties”.

Yuki’s gift for words can be heard in all of her songs ,

whether it is written in English or Japanese.

Her songs are catchy, Jazzy and Pop.

She appeared major festivals such as Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

as well as the local clubs like The Living Room to name a few.

After the 2011 quake, Yuki has relocated back to Tokyo

and continued to present her music in her mother country.

Noticing there are less kids-friendly music events  and music events often lacking good food here in Tokyo,

Yuki now regularly hosts event-series “Yuki and Cuties Live”,

where good food, good music, and laid-back people all meet together.


Back to a Bookworm again.

Realizing her love for literature is not going to anywhere,

she recently started integrate her old passion into her creativity.

In addition to providing professional translation services,

Yuki also gives poetry-reading with improvisational music.



Obsessed with words,

Yuki plays what she sings.



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