Order Form

Thanks for ordering today!(^^)
Whether you are ordering the CD or the Booklet only, please fill out the following form here.

For those who are purchasing the Booklet only,
Please send us to the screenshot of  iTunes Receipt (I will show you how to do it right here!)

You may laugh at this super analog method, but I am dead serious.
When you purchase the album, you will receive a receipt mail from Apple to the email address you registered as your Apple ID.
Please take a screenshot of this receipt and send it to me to order the booklet.
If you are still a paper book person while you love mp3, please use this service 🙂

Another important thing.
When sending us the screenshot, please make sure it includes the following items:

  • Order ID
  • Document NO.
  • Item Name
  • Total Price

I am attaching my receipt too.


ScreenShot _AppleReceipt


《On iOS devices such as iPhone》

  1.    Push the lock/unlock button on the right top and the home button simultaneously. This will create a screenshot.
  2.    Please attach the picture file to the following form. Make sure the file size is smaller than 2MB.

《On Mac》

  1.    Press command (⌘) + shift + 4  and select the field you want to capture by dragging the pointer.
  2.    The selected field will be stored as PNG on your desktop.
  3.   Please attach the PNG file to the following form. Make sure the file size is smaller than 2MB.

《On Windows》

  1.   Select the window that displays the receipt mail. Press Alt and PrintScreen Key simultaneously.
  2.  Open [Paint], and go to [Edit]→[Paste].
  3.   After you see the screen shot on [Paint] window,  go to [File]→[Save as ].
    Please name this file name as your name and [Save].
  4.  Please attach the picture file to the following form. Make sure the file size is smaller than 2MB.

If you are in Japan, you could also show up at my shows and show me the receipt to buy the booklet.
This process may be a huge pain in the butt for some of you, but I hope this helps me deliver the product to more people.
Waiting to hear from you!

Much much love,
Yuki Ishiwata

Your Name (Must)

E-mail Address(Must)

Phone Number (Please specify country code. e.g. +81-80-XXXX-◎◎◎◎)(Must)

Your Mailing Address (Must)



Please specify the item you are ordering today
Please note that there will be an additional S&H fee.
CD 2,122JPYBooklet Only(iTunes Purchase required)561JPY

The number of the items you are ordering (10 items max.)

If you are ordering a booklet without CD,
please provide a screenshot of your receipt from Apple.
The instruction is written above this page.
Maximum file size: 2MB
Please use JPG or ONG format.



Upon receiving your email, we will get back to you the paypal information with the correct S&H Fee.

Thanks so much for supporting us by purchasing our music!

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